Minutes Of Meeting

Also known as protocol or note, minutes are the live written record of a meeting. They include the list of attendees, issues raised, related responses, and final decisions taken to address the issues. Their purpose is to record what actions have been assigned to whom, along with the achievements and the deadlines. mc34063
Format of Minutes of Meeting
A minutes of meeting normally includes the following elements −
  • Name of the company − to the top-left of the page.
  • Date − to the top-right of the page.
  • Topic − after two return keys; Center-aligned.
  • Attendees − Name and designation (2 columns of a table).
  • Absentees − name, roles, reasons for absenteeism. (3 columns)
  • Agenda at hand − topic to be discussed.
  • Issues raised − along with the names of the speakers.
  • Suggestions − made along with the names of the speakers.
  • Decision − the outcome of the meeting.
  • Task List − task allotted and the respective allottee.
  • Future Meetings − the date and topic of the next meeting.
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Example - Minutes of Meeting

Date - 23/04/2015
Tutorialspoint Pvt. LTD.
Address- 388-A, Road no 22
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana.
500033, Ph: 91 40 23542835
Topic- Meeting with Hasta La Vista representatives at 6:00PM
Mohtahsim M.Managing Director
Kiran Kumar PanigrahiSenior Technical Writer
Gopal K VermaTechnical Manager
Manisha ShejwalTechnical Writer
Anaadi SharmaSenior TrainerConducting Online .NET Training
Agenda at hand − Meeting with Hasta La Vista representatives
Issues raised − High Quotation, long duration, hourly mode of payment.
Mohtahsim M.Alternative company
Kiran Kumar PanigrahiNegotiating mode of payment
Gopal K VermaNegotiating hours of workload
Manisha ShejwalPostponing the plan
Decision − The representatives were told to consult with their Management and report.
Task List:
Gopal K VermaTaking updates from Hasta La Vista
Manisha ShejwalLooking for an alternative company
Future Meetings − 30th April, 2015 at 4:30 PM in Meeting Room-1


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